duminică, 12 iunie 2011

Question? No, please.

While I was walking today, I saw lots of people walking happy, smiling, having a good day. So I was thinking:" I was like them. Why?" Why did I change so much?
Look, I'm not ok. So you can stop asking me this, please, because it really sucks to hear this question everytime, knowing that I have to lie "yes, I'm fine." over and over again. You, just don't know.
Hundreds of persons have come and passed throw my life and it really hurts to see everyone just saying goodbye to all. Trust me, it hurts really bad.
The clock is ticking so fast I don't know if I can keep up with it anymore.
One day, I will find my peace. One day... One day I will be what I want.
Someone asked me a few weeks ago what would I be if i would want. I looked at her and didn't know what to say. I mean, what should I say?
-I would like to be a bird- To fly everywhere I want, to see new places whenever I want, to feel the wind throw my featers.
I would like to be a dog- To run freely on the streets without care if someone sees me.
I would like to be the moon- To bring light from the sun when the night is setting in the city.
I would like to be a tree- To change every single time without making people putting question marks on the about what is going on with me.
I would like to be the rain- To fall on the hot soil, refreshing it every time, to make people dance or sing, or even cry while I'm falling.
I would like to be a Phoenix- To rebirth from my ash everythime when my time coming.-
So tell me, how should I tell this to every person without considering me nuts? I'm not nuts, I'm just dreaming about something I could only be in my dream. Sometimes I wish I won't wake up, so my dream can continue for ever.
So, if you didn't understand all this, don't try. You won't get it anyway. I just want me back.