luni, 31 octombrie 2011


I'm feeling so happy... but why this wind of sadness doesn't leave me alone?
I found my happiness... but why those tears don't stop?
Somebody just mixed my emotions and made me what I am today, and what I feel today, this week, this month, this and the next year...

She started to think about her past. Last year was different, indeed. It was other him, other feelings, other world, other sound of talk at the phone at night, other kisses, other hugs, other passion. They aren't the same. Actually, they are very different but she is feeling the same. Why? Why this wave of thoughts and memories are in her head? It could be the fact that last year, on this time, maybe at this hour, she was with the other? Maybe. He hurt her. She won't suffer like that ever again or that's what she hopes. The new "him" has made her happy. (so far by now.)
She is afraid of those two words : TWO WEEKS. I don't want to tell the reason, she knows it very well.
The thing is. It's a new "him", it's a new "they", it will be a new "her".
She will find her peace, she will be happy... someday.

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