marți, 25 ianuarie 2011

She knew, it was, she lost him.

Lost love again? Really? Can she still call it love? Or just something usuall between them? Not fair. He promised. Why did he promise? Why'd he left? Why is she still here, waiting for him?

Why did they fall? Why didn't they go up? Why it couldn't be that way? It's so hard and complicated that the people say it is?

But she will be ok... I think. Do you know that feeling when someone hurted you so much that somehow you became imune? that's how she feels about him(now).

Well, c'est la vie. I guess we can't go back time.

She would want to tell him that she loves him, to hug him, kiss him, to cry in front of him. Then he would take her hand, kiss it and tell her that it isn't over, that it wasn't over because that love... that he felt was something more powerfull that anything in the world. Then, they could walk one beside other, holding their hands, and love each other in front of everyone,without care about the people around them.

Of course that's a dream. How patetic of her to think that way. Pure love doesn't exist. I didn't exist and it will never exist. She knew it, it was, she lost him. Deal with it.

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