sâmbătă, 19 februarie 2011

Love to the one I love..

It sucks to love a guy who never loved you.
It sucks to know that he is playing with you and you're letting him do that.
It sucks to know that you'll never have him again.
It sucks to know that she's talking to another the way he talked to you.
It sucks to know that he is lying to you but believe that he is not.
It sucks that you can be with another guy because he is always in you mind.

So well, it sucks to be in love, it sucks to love someone.

I really believed you, i really did.

I still love you, i still want you.

You know, it sucks to fall in love and give a chance to a guy for the 6 time. You give it anyway cause you think that he change.

You know, I never said I love you just to the one that deserve that (now i realised that you didn t deserved that) and I always said I hate you when it wasn t the case. But this time I just want to say to you: " hate you. I hate you so much that i want to erase all my memories about you, so much that I want to give our last kiss back to you, so much that I want that our connexion to never existed."

P.S.: Thanks for distroying my life (again).

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