vineri, 3 decembrie 2010

For you with love...

were did our happiness and love go?
were did our dreams togheder disappear?
what did we do by arriving at this moment, were we can't know what to do, or what to make?
where we meant to last forever? where we meant to be?
i remember when we were holding each other and promise we wont let each other down. i remember us being happy...
you filled my heart..
i remember the first day... it's was unreal... i remember i told you looked unreal. was i wrong?
i remember our happiness and excitement... i remember you protecting me and promise me that you won't let anybody harm me..
i remember the nights spend by the phone, laughing or talking serious... i remember your voice telling me that you love me.
maybe they were right.. maybe we don't deserve each other. i remember telling them hard worlds just to defend you...
dreaming of you was like air, like wings for a bird..
was i just a dream and i finally opened my eyes to see were we are, what are we doing?
what if we just throw the past away and live the present with a vision a future? will you still want that?
i'm sorry baby...
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